Sezonas: 2023


The competition, which will be held on September 30 and October 1, will offer competitors 14 breathtaking special stages in the districts of Utena, Anykščiai and Molėtai, many of which were driven only a decade ago or even earlier. Due to the special landscape of this region, the roads are characterized by their technical nature and an abundance of natural jumps and crests that leave no one indifferent when watching this spectacle of extremely fast cars. In addition, the first day of the rally at Saturday evening will be crowned with a special stage at night through the streets of Utena, where spectators will be able to see the play of night lights, red-hot brake discs and flames from the exhaust pipes. The guests of the event who have come to Utena and the residents of Utena themselves will be pleased not only with an attractive service park, but also with an entertainment program where every spectator will find something interesting. "Samsonas Rally Utena 2023", which was the most numerous last year, will also aim at this title this year, and a group of invited foreign guests will help, so that the competition in "Samsonas Rally Utena 2023" will be maximum.