Sezonas: 2020


After the first round of Latvian and Estonian rally championship was postponed to the end of February Rally Sarma received honors to start Latvian and Estonian rally championships and continue Lithuanian rally championship. It is a very unique situation that championships of all three Baltic countries will meet in one rally, nothing similar didn’t happen in the last twenty years.

For the 45th Rally Sarma was selected four special stages each of them will be used twice so overall distance in special stages will overreach 105 kilometers. Not only the most interesting special stages are selected. With the initiative and support of local landowners, several new combinations of classic special stages are made.

All official documents are published and collection of entries is started on the official homepage of Latvian rally championship currently. Meanwhile, organizers looking forward to frost and snow in the Gulbene region.

Information about accommodations possible to find in the tourism information webpage Follow the news of Rally Sarma on Facebook and Twitter, while the rally guide and other official information can be found in webpage of Latvian Rally championship