Sezonas: 2020


  • 24-01-2020 08:53

    Rally Sarma 2020 is deceived by winter and the rally is canceled

    For the second time in the 45-year history of the Rally Sarma, winter has failed, so the rally organizer has decided to cancel the Rally Sarma 2020 scheduled for 8 February. It is currently agreed with organizers of the rally championships, but on February 10, the rally and championship organizers plan to discuss the future of Rally Sarma and future steps. That will also be announced publicly.

Rally roads in Gulbene region have not been frozen this winter and they are so soaked that they resemble spring-specific roads. Under these circumstances, it is impossible to organize a winter rally. And the movement of rally cars along such roads would be a total destruction of roads and the breaking of rally cars.

"Under these circumstances, we cannot and do not want to organize a rally. What matters to us is the image of our rally and the fact that it is loved by participants and spectators. At the same time, we also feel responsible for the Gulbene region and locals - we must not damage the roads that are so important and necessary for everyday use," says Mr. Vilhelms Sniedzans, director of the Rally Sarma.

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Ģirts Avotiņš, Rally Sarma media officer. Photo: Dace Janova (